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Shared Stormwater Visualization

Shared Stormwater Visualization



In the Monument | interactive documentary about public art and its role in commemoration of tragic events of history

In the Monument


Greenskins Lab

Founded by Daniel Roehr in 2007, Greenskins Lab is a research group at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. The lab disseminates information on urban design retrofits and new approaches that improve the ecological functions of public open spaces.

Greenskins Lab explores holistic systems for storm water management. The lab investigates the effciency of green roofs as an integral part of a storm water mitigation strategy that also includes green façades and green streets. Evolving out of past research, the lab is currently focusing on the influence of climate on green roof implementation: Are green roofs always green? How does the evapotranspiration rate of plants influence storm water runoff of extensive green roofs? What impact does temperature have on stormwater runoff?